Public-Private Partnerships

In the Netherlands, collaboration is in our genes. It is connected to our centuries old battle against the water – a way of life that has produced innovative and smart solutions, like our famous dikes, as well as a cooperative mind-set. Dutch public-private partnerships (PPPs) receive worldwide acclaim in the Life Sciences & Health (LSH) sector, especially in the areas of oncology, medical technology, bio-banks and vaccines. In these PPPs researchers, entrepreneurs, government and patients work closely together to maintain and improve our high standards of care, as the Dutch approach is: “It’s not what we do for you, it’s what we do with you, that counts.”

Public-private partnerships R&D projects

The Top Sector LSH stimulates, facilitates and finances a variety of PPPs to realise its overarching mission ‘vital functioning citizens in a healthy economy.’ There are currently more than 200 PPPs in Dutch LSH sector of varying shapes and sizes. Most of them have a project-based approach to make a significant contribution to R&D. Short summaries of these R&D projects can be found on this website at the project page. 

Strategic public-private partnerships

There are also  some strategic, thematic, long-term collaborations that strive for innovative moonshots within large, national consortia. These consortia are referred to as ‘strategic public-private partnerships’ by the Top Sector LSH. Based on their societal relevance, scientific quality and economic potential, the Top Sector LSH will support and facilitate these strategic PPPs. Momentarily the Top Sector is in contact with around 30 of these strategic PPPs. Here we give an overview of a number of these strategic PPPs supported by the Top Sector LSH.

Strategic Partnerships