Metabolomics XL

High throughput metabolomics for better diagnosis to improve healthcare

Metabolomics XL will create specific prognostic and diagnostic metabolic markers for personalized prevention and treatment.

Metabolic profiling of blood or urine allows us to understand the different metabolic processes that contribute to health and disease of an individual. Therefore, metabolic profiling is an important step for the next generation of the sensitive and specific diagnosis and prognosis of diseases, in turn necessary to develop strategies to monitor health and disease and patient stratification for individualized treatment and prevention. Where genomics can predict the risk of diseases, metabolic profiling can assess the actual health state and the (progression) risk of future disease.
A consortium of academic researchers, clinicians and biotech-, nutrition- and pharma industry will develop and implement a high throughput metabolomics platform for large biobanks to facilitate the discovery of metabolic prognostic and diagnostic profiles. Metabolomics XL will develop and implement new technologies to realize high throughput and affordable metabolomics, and to make metabolic health profiles ultimately available to the broader population. The acquired metabolomics data will allow new opportunities to promote health with optimized personalized interventions, including diets and lifestyle advise. These data will enable a new generation of clinical chemistry tests to assess more accurately someone’s health state, and to extend our healthy life span.

Mission of PPP

The mission of Metabolomics XL is to impact patient care and guide the development of novel intervention and prevention options through more specific prognosis and diagnostic metabolic profiles that can become novel clinical diagnostics. This will be achieved through the implementation of innovative high throughput metabolomics on large scale epidemiological and clinical studies.

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