PPP Allowance (Match Call)

Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (LSH) supports innovative research and development realised by public-private partnerships (PPPs) of the Dutch LSH sector. The Top Sector brings together stakeholders in a shared, consolidated innovation infrastructure. By means of PPP Allowance, the Top Sector provides a financial instrument to help consortia consisting of research organisations, knowledge institutes, companies, and health foundations to realise their innovative ideas.

By identifying contributions of private partners in PPPs in the LSH sector, the Top Consortia for Knowledge and Innovation’s (TKI) office of the Top Sector can apply for PPP Allowance at the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. Hereafter, the allocated PPP Allowance can be used to support new research projects by PPPs. Due to the growing LSH sector and familiarity with the PPP Allowance regulation, the financial potential of the PPP Allowance for the LSH sector has increased greatly: from €4M in 2013 to almost €61M in 2020.

With our ongoing Match Call, PPPs are invited to apply for PPP Allowance. The proposed project applications must contribute to one of the five missions that have been proposed by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports and are explained in detail on the 'about us'-page and in the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda 2020-2023 of the Top Sector LSH. All applications are evaluated by an evaluation committee at two set moments per year and the board of the Top Sector LSH decides if an application is honoured. In 2021, the application deadline is 6 October CET 17.00.

Please download the TKI-LSH Match Call description down below and read more about the Match Call and the requirements for PPP Allowance applications. It is essential to contact the PPP Allowance or TKI contact person within your organisation well before the application can be submitted. In case the details of your PPP Allowance contact person are unknown, please contact the Health~Holland office (via tki@health-holland.com) as soon as possible.

Feel free to contact the Health~Holland office (via tki@health-holland.com) to get more information or assistance in the application process. In addition, on 8 and 15 September 2021, consortiums will have the opportunity to pose specific questions to the Health~Holland Match Call team in a personal question and answer session. These appointments can be requested by sending an email to tki@health-holland.com. Please include “Request Match Call application advice“ in the subject line.

Watch the webinar 'Unravelling the secrets of the PPP Allowance' or find the slides of this webinar down below.