Just Launched: Health~Holland Update Special COVID-19 Edition

- The last few months have been a wakeup call to most people. Now, more than ever, we realise that health and freedom is something we must not take for granted. In this COVID-19 special update, we want to give you valuable insight into the latest developments surrounding COVID-19, but also shine a light on possible future pandemics.

Researchers Discover How a Stem Cell Becomes a T Cell

- T cells are perhaps the most important immune cells in the body, but nobody knew exactly how they were produced. Researchers at Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC) have now been the first to map out the complete molecular pathway from stem cell to T cell in mice. Their findings are being published in the scientific journal Science Advances.

Janssen Starts Testing Candidate Vaccine COVID-19 on Test Subjects

- Janssen, onderdeel van Johnson & Johnson, is gestart met het testen van een kandidaat-vaccin tegen COVID-19 bij vrijwilligers in België en de Verenigde Staten. In september wordt het vaccin waarschijnlijk ook getest bij vrijwilligers in Nederland.

Intravacc and Celonic to Develop and Produce a Novel COVID-19 Vaccine

- Intravacc and Celonic Group announced that they have signed a research agreement to further design, develop and produce a Covid-19 vaccine based on an immunogenic Spike (S) protein of SARS-CoV-2 combined with Intravacc’s prorietary Outer Membrane Vesicle (OMV) technology.

Pfizer and BioNTech Start Global Phase 2/3 Study with One Selected Candidate Vaccine

- Pfizer en BioNTech hebben uit vier mogelijke vaccins tegen COVID-19 een keuze gemaakt voor één mRNA kandidaat-vaccin. Hiermee starten ze een wereldwijde cruciale fase 2/3 vervolgstudie.

AstraZeneca: First Vaccine Test Results Show Strong Antibody and T Cell Responses

- De eerste testresultaten van een vaccin tegen COVID-19, dat is ontwikkeld door AstraZeneca en Oxford University, laten sterke reacties zien van antilichamen en T-cellen. The Lancet publiceerde maandag de resultaten van de fase I/II-studie.

Financial Times: Are T Cells the Missing Link in Immunity COVID-19?

- Wetenschappers die zich tot nu toe vooral hebben geconcentreerd op de rol van antilichamen in de strijd tegen COVID-19, beginnen te vermoeden dat een ander deel van het immuunsysteem even cruciaal is: T-cellen.

Venture Challenge Summer 2020: Meet the Teams

- Three months later than planned, due to COVID-19, the Venture Challenge Summer 2020 kicked off last week with five Life Sciences & Health startups participating in the first bootcamp at Pivot Park. During three intense days the highly-motivated teams worked on shaping their value propositions, vision and competitive differentiation to translate their idea into a solid business case.

Now available! NL Health~Holland Guide 2020-2021

- Task Force Health Care and Health~Holland proudly present the latest edition of the NL Health~Holland Guide! This guide presents a wide range of innovative Dutch organisations, which are active worldwide, in the Life Sciences & Healthcare sector (LSH). For years the guide has been and still is a successful way to increase the brand awareness of companies and to stimulate their business all over the globe.

Project Recovery During the COVID-19 Crisis

- The outbreak of COVID-19 and the measures taken against it have affected us all. The closure of many laboratories, the (temporary) termination of clinical research, etcetera have impacted the execution, duration and financing of research. This situation requires flexibility and creativity. Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (Health~Holland) feels it has a joint responsibility for finding solutions to ensure the good progress and completion of all studies.