Top Sector Governance

The Top Team LSH is responsible for the daily management of the Top Sector. The Top Team consists of representatives of industry, academia and government and builds on the in-depth expertise of the Advisory Board. A dedicated Executive Office supports Top Sector LSH and serves as the central point of contact. As a foundation, the executive office of the Top Sector LSH is formally supervised by an independent Board

Health & Care governance 

The societal theme Health & Care installed its own governance at the beginning of 2020. Participants represent the most important coalition partners of the quadruple helix (citizens/patients, industry, academia and government). The strategic “Theme Team” (Dutch: Themateam) aligns the health and care-strategy and mobilizes its own organizations to contribute in mind, in kind and cash. As a more tactical-operational group, the “Core Team” (Dutch: Kernteam) facilitates public-private projects that contribute in realizing the five health and care missions. Furthermore the five Mission Teams (Dutch: Missieteams), one team for each mission formulated by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, give substantive advice on mission-specific processes such as mission-specific calls and programs in collaboration with (members of) the Core Team and the Top Sector.