The Top Sectors policy was launched in 2011 by the then Ministry of Economic Affairs (EZ). In it, business, knowledge institutions and government, the so-called triple helix, work together within their sector to strengthen their innovation system and its national and international earning power. The brochure "From Policy to Impact" gives an overview of the development and impact of the Top Sector Life Sciences & Health in recent years. By supporting numerous research projects and setting up strategic, national partnerships, we are working with industry, knowledge institutions, government and now citizens (quadruple helix) on health and disease prevention.

As of 2018, following the European policy, the Top Sector Policy has been expanded to the mission-driven Top Sectors and Innovation Policy. Here, the main mission has been defined that by 2040 all Dutch people should live at least five years longer in good health, and the health disparities between the lowest and highest socioeconomic groups should be reduced by 30%. A tough challenge, in which we are also particularly looking for the economic opportunities that this policy brings to the Netherlands. We explicitly involve SMEs in this, which we also support in implementing their internationalization strategy, aimed at exporting Dutch innovations.

Carmen van Vilsteren, Figurehead Top Sector LSH: "The mission-driven Top Sectors and Innovation Policy represents a new (societal) challenge for all of us, which we will energetically get to work on together with you."

Read here an anthology of the many results from the past period: 'From Policy to Impact'.