Human Capital

The Netherlands needs a workforce that develops throughout its life and is future-oriented to find answers to current and future societal issues, tackle challenges and permanently stimulate economic growth. Human capital is all about people having the right knowledge and skills, thereby creating a future-savvy (working) population. Human capital is an essential focus area for achieving the central mission and the five underlying missions of the societal theme Health & Care within the Dutch cabinet’s Mission-driven Top Sectors and Innovation Policy. These missions expect a different approach to staying healthy and providing health care, which also implies different knowledge and skills from both formal and informal caregivers.

In order to achieve a thriving and future-savvy working population, the ten top sectors join forces in the Roadmap Human Capital Top Sectors 2020-2023. Together, the Top Sectors create a strong connection between working, learning and innovating through collaboration between companies, education and research. Read more on the roadmap on the website.

The Roadmap Human Capital Top Sectors 2020-2023 provides the basis for the Human Capital Agenda of the Top Sector Life Sciences & Health. However, our ambitions for human capital are broader, as can be found in the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda.

Top Sector LSH aspires to provide future-savvy professionals for the entire health, care and life sciences sector. This includes both the current workforce and the education of all future employees. Representatives from over 30 diverse parties work together with the Top Sector on this societal challenge through the Human Capital Transition Agenda. The Transition Agenda describes how the various coalition partners will work together in the coming years on the necessary changes in education, professional structure and the coordination between education and further training and practice.