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In a world that is constantly changing, continuous learning is essential. Whether it’s obtaining a degree, improving skills at work or fostering innovation, lifelong learning is key. This applies not only within educational institutions, but also in the workplace, where learning and working together on research and innovation take place. This is what Human Capital is all about. 

Step into the world of Learning Communities: where Knowledge and Innovation converge

Learning communities are the key to a successful future-proof society. This is where education, business and research come together, resulting in an environment where talents can thrive and and innovations are implemented faster. 

1. Students stay up-to-date with the latest developments in their field while simultaneously developing the skills needed for the future.
2. Professionals get easier access to further education, allowing them to continue developing throughout their careers.
3. Innovative companies collaborate directly on their issues with the experts and talents of the future.

The success of learning communities translates into economic growth and employment. By continually innovating, the Netherlands remains attractive to national and international companies and talents.

How can you help to create Talent for the Future - our Human Capital?

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