Transition agenda

To realise the central mission “five more years of healthy living and reducing socioeconomic health differences by 30%”, the Life Sciences & Health Sector has to change. Embedded within this change, is a change in skills and knowledge of the professionals within the sector. In December 2020, a meeting was organised with administrative representatives of the different sectors (Universities [WO]/Universities of Applied Sciences [HBO]/Vocational Education and Training [MBO]) responsible for education in the field of Health, Welfare and Care. Here, several social stakeholders (Netherlands Patients Federation, citizen cooperatives, Health Funds) made an ethical appeal to collaborate and to follow and implement the major changes taking place within healthcare curricula. 

The result is the development of a Collective Transition Agenda for the current ánd future workforce of the entie LSH sector. The starting point of the Transition Agenda is in the future: what does working, learning and personal development in the LSH sector look like in 2040? From there, we argue what steps are necessary to achieve our goal.

For this Collective Transition Agenda, three initiative groups work together. The groups are:

  1. Education Health, Welfare and Care
  2. Professions and Professional associations Health, Welfare and Care
  3. Life Sciences

The finalised Collective Transition Agenda will be presented to the Theme Team in November 2021.