Animal Free Innovations

Better for man and animals

Innovative, patient-based methods to predict drug efficacy: better for man and animals.

This partnership aims to develop drugs in a more efficient and human-relevant way by focusing on animal-free, patient-driven methods.
The partners in this extraordinary consortium cover scientific, industrial and societal needs with their different expertise and motivation: TNO, Galapagos and Stichting Proefdiervrij.

The key to successful development of tomorrow’s medicine is to decrease the attrition rate in the expensive clinical phase by increasing the level of translatability of preclinical efficacy models. Animal models play an important role in the current level of translatability. This situation causes more than 40% of potential drugs to fail in clinical phase due to lack of efficacy  leading to a tremendous cost burden (failure in Phase 3 clinical trial costs 1 billion dollars a year), which will conceivably worsen in the near future. 

In the first phase, this partnership wants to come to a proof of concept of an approach that establishes the efficacy of potential therapeutics, with the use of patient data and patient-derived cells limiting the use of experimental animals. The aim is to connect in vitro, in silico modelling and systems biology technologies in such a way that this will provide sufficient information to select the best investigational medicines for treatment in the disease area of fibrosis.

The partnership is co-funded by the PPP Allowance made available by Health~Holland, Top Sector Life Sciences & Health, to stimulate public-private partnerships.

Mission of PPP

The aim of this partnership is to develop human therapeutics in a more efficient way; cheaper, faster and without animals. This will be done by contributing to innovating the preclinical trajectory of drug development by integrating various animal-free technologies and a radical focus on human disease mechanisms.

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