BENEFIT (part of DCVA)

BENEFIT for all: The Ecosystem for Healthy Living

BENEFIT tries to make healthy living attractive by rewarding patients for healthy lifestyle activities.

BENEFIT is an ecosystem for healthy living and an integrated loyalty program that rewards patients for the time and energy spent on healthy lifestyle activities. Medical specialists, academics, entrepreneurs, insurance companies and patients have joined forces to make healthy living rewarding. Rather than telling people how to behave, BENEFIT makes healthy lifestyle choices appealing: the carrot is mightier than the stick. BENEFIT loyalty points can be earned for a broad range of health behaviors such as exercising, abstaining from smoking, attending prevention programs, and showing up for health appointments. The BENEFIT program has different levels, ranging from collecting stickers to an advanced digital platform that allows access to evidence-based lifestyle interventions, personal coaching and smart technology. Loyalty points can be redeemed for groceries, luxury goods, family outings etc.

BENEFIT envisages a national ecosystem that combines evidence-based lifestyle interventions focused on the individual, with an innovative environmental system that incorporates reward and reinforcement strategies. By rewarding everyday lifestyle and adherence behaviors, the program integrates care and non-care settings and facilitates embedding the new lifestyle in everyday life. The ecosystem connects public and private partners, develops strategies to be financially sustainable and is fueled by continuous scientific evaluation. We all BENEFIT!

Mission of PPP

The BENEFIT consortium is a public-private partnership established to bridge the gap between healthcare and the living environment in a responsible and inspiring way. Through this partnership, we set up a new ecosystem to promote healthy living which benefits patients, public healthcare and private partners alike.

Andrea Evers (public)
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