Oral and General Health in the Netherlands

ORANGEHealth.NL creates action in research, public oral health and innovative applied prevention.

A large percentage of the Dutch population (80%) traditionally visits an oral healthcare professional. Oral healthcare professionals have shown tremendous success in moving from treatment to prevention of oral diseases and monitoring oral health; complete tooth loss is now prevalent in less than 10%. The teeth, tongue, saliva and surrounding tissues form an easy access route to non-invasively survey oral and –potentially- general health.

This joint research approach will bring more clarity in the link between oral and systemic diseases. It includes the development of innovative tools for monitoring and early detection at the chairside or at home. This will not only benefit consumers but will also provide valuable input for future research and innovation.

ORANGEHealth expects important steps forward in oral and general health of citizens and specific groups such as children, older people, people with medical problems and socio-economically disadvantaged groups.

For more information see the flyer of ORANGE Health.NL.

Mission of PPP

ORANGEHealth.NL is a Dutch Public Private Partnership of knowledge institutions, patients and their organisations, companies, oral healthcare professionals, insurance companies and public bodies. They will join forces and collaborate in a multi-year programme to tackle the most relevant (oral) health challenges we’re facing today.

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