Health-Research Infrastructure (Health-RI)

Enabling data driven health

Optimal access to knowledge, tools, facilities, health data and samples for personalised medicine and health.

Health-RI is a public-private partnership of organisations involved in health research and care to realise the infrastructure necessary to give researchers, health care professionals and individuals optimal access to knowledge, tools, facilities, health data and samples. The overall goal is enabling personalised health and medicine. More than 70 organisations in the Netherlands support the efforts of Health-RI.

Currently researchers and healthcare professionals spend often more time on logistics than on science, care or preventive measures. Health-RI aims to address this challenge, which requires integrated access to high-quality health data from scientific research, health care and personal data, including data from wearables. Data is now scattered across different domains on separate platforms and often difficult to find and access. It requires a broad spectrum of organizations to cross the borders of their domain and start working together to solve this. Health-RI provides the environment to do so.

Mission of PPP

Health-RI is the national initiative to facilitate and stimulate an integrated health data infrastructure accessible for researchers, citizens and care providers. It enables optimal use of health data, samples and images, as needed for a learning healthcare system and to accelerate personalised health.

Gerrit Meijer (public)
Leone Flikweert (private)
Illustrative image