Personalised, preventive youth health care (I-JGZ)

Healthy youth through integration and personalisation of eHealth services in preventive child health care (JGZ)

Healthy children through data-driven eHealth services in the JGZ.

There is a strong movement investing in the use of (big) data for higher quality, accessibility and sustainability of preventive child health care (JGZ). To contribute to this movement, the partners of the Health Deal I-JGZ consortium are developing a I-JGZ platform. The I-JGZ platform consists of various intelligent modules that process distributed data from various eHealth services, including digital dossiers JGZ and parent-modules. With these data, deviations in children’s growth and development can be determined earlier and more accurately. Data can be used for 1) personalized growth and development curves and 2) predictions of future growth and development. Finally, interventions can be initiated through the eHealth services. I-JGZ aims at further improving the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of the JGZ.

Partners of the Health Deal are JGZ-organisations, JGZ-associations, parent representatives, IT-developers, research, and government.

Mission of PPP

I-JGZ aims for high quality, accessiblility and sustainability of the JGZ, for parent empowerment and healthy youth. Various evidence-based and/or successful eHealth services are integrated to offer personalised services, based on distributed data (e.g., digital dossier JGZ and parent-modules), in accordance with the FAIR principles.

Symone Detmar (public)
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