Interdisciplinary Consortium for clinical Movement Sciences & technology (ICMS; part of TOPFIT)

Science and Technology in the domain of human movement disorders

Innovation through sharing knowledge and data and by interdisciplinary collaboration.

ICMS is a unique partnership between the Sint Maartenskliniek (a specialized hospital entirely focused on movement disorders), the Radboud University Medical Centre, the Radboud University, the University of Twente, Roessingh Research & Development (RRD), Roessingh Rehabilitation Centre working together with science driven companies (national and international). ICMS has the ambition of becoming a national research centre and additional partners are welcomed. ICMS  research is on the one hand driven by curiosity and the ambition to belong to the international scientific top, and on the other hand driven by a felt social responsibility to contribute to providing solutions for the future of our health care system. Specific ambitions:

  • Within 5 years ICMS has led to novel and (more) effective procedures for early diagnosis of musculoskeletal disorders (e.g. arthrosis), based on the link between motion analysis, real time sensing and biochemical marker analyzes.
  • Within 5 years ICMS has led to the introduction of an injectable hydrogel for the treatment of cartilage injury to prevent early onset of post-traumatic arthrosis.
  • Within 5 years ICMS has led to breakthroughs in the treatment of among others rheumatoid arthritis and arthrosis.
  • Within 10 years ICMS has led to the development of entirely new and "smart" tools for improving the quality of life and maintaining self-sufficiency, largely stimulated by the advances in Artificial Intelligence, remote care and sensor technology.
  • Within 10 years ICMS has led to novel assistive (robotic) devices using brain-body-machine-interactions.
  • Within 10 years ICMS has led to improved outcome of total knee (re)revision as a result of the development and use of new bone-loss classifications and improved surgical treatment using bone replacing ingrowth materials and new stem designs.
  • Within 10 years ICMS has made a recognizable contribution to the development of an (inter)national hotspot for medical technology in the Eastern part of the Netherlands.
  • Within 10 years ICMS functions as an important incentive for R&D investments in the field of movement-technology, personalized surgery and precision pharmacy.

These goals cannot be reached by stand-alone research groups or individual companies, but only through intensive cooperation, not only between scientists of different disciplines, but also between scientists in publicly funded labs and researchers in the private sector (science driven companies) and by a continuous cooperation with the (end)users and patients and the health funding organizations.

Mission of PPP

ICMS is aimed at improving the quality of life and maintaining independence and social participation of people suffering from movement disorders. This goal will be achieved through joint and interdisciplinary scientific research focused at innovation whereby a close cooperation exists between scientists, private health funding organizations and  innovative companies. ICMS is a rather autonomous part of the broader initiative, termed TOPFIT.

Theo Mulder (public)
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