Transition Programme for Innovation without the use of animals (TPI)

Increasing the pace of animal-free innovation through temporary, flexible networks and projects

Finding the best possible outcome for both humans and animals.

TPI is investing in knowledge development for the benefit of humans, animals and ecosystems. To achieve this goal, we must take a different approach to research methodology and design. How can we improve these aspects without the need for laboratory animals?

Animal-free innovation is a broad concept. Any new technique capable of providing a like-for-like replacement of an animal study is an animal-free innovation. As this goal is often impossible, however, we must cast the net wider to include new methodology with regard to assessment, funding or data access.

Accelerating the rate of innovation is an important first step. Such innovation includes developments in biotechnology and big data.

The Netherlands, Europe and the world
By thinking from a multidisciplinary perspective, we encourage researchers, risk assessors and other stakeholders to broaden their horizons. We are taking a coherent and international approach together with other Member States, partners and stakeholders, both at home and abroad.

Mission of PPP

Representatives from the realms of science, health care, government and the business community have joined forces to find an answer to the question: How can we improve research into medicines, food safety and chemical risks without the need for laboratory animals?