Health & Wellbeing (mICF)

Implementing  broad concepts of health in healthcare and wellbeing.

Facilitating and implementing the broad concept of health by developing methods and technology that allow citizens and professionals to measure, monitor, evaluate and interpret health in the context of quality of healthcare and wellbeing and contributing to realise the missions of the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports.

Health and Wellbeing contributes to realise ‘vital functioning citizens’  by using broad concepts of health.

A paradigm shift from a disease-based, biomedical focus on health towards a broader health-based, biopsychosocial focus is necessary for a sustainable healthcare system. Seventeen experts in using broad concepts of health have united in Health and Wellbeing. Health and Wellbeing helps to realise the Health~Holland mission of "vital functioning citizens in a healthy economy" and the missions of the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports  by transforming the healthcare system in the upcoming 20 years into a sustainable system, where health is a way to promote everyone's participation in society according to their wishes and ability. Health and Wellbeing creates clarity about different broad concepts of health, how you can operationalise these concepts and subsequently how you can use them in describing and monitoring health and wellbeing by patients/citizens and by professionals. For information or support about measuring, monitoring, evaluating, and interpreting the broad concept of health  in clinical practice, policy, education, and research in the context of healthcare and wellbeing, Health and Wellbeing can be consulted by using

Innovators interested in implementing, registering, measuring and monitoring health based on broad concepts of health please contact Health and Wellbeing. 

Contact information of Health and Wellbeing captains:

Public Captain: dr. Gonda Stallinga

Private & Public Captain: dr. Yvonne Heerkens