Technology to restore neurological function

Neurotech-NL performs groundbreaking multidisciplinary large-scale neurological research to improve lives and stimulate innovations and valorization. 

Neurotechnology is a revolutionary field that promises to relieve the unrelenting burden of neurological diseases on patients and our healthcare system with large potential for the economy and society. NeuroTech-NL is a strategic interconnected ecosystem of top clinicians, leading researchers, innovative companies, and patient organizations committed to working together to target unmet health needs. Our expertise is in precision surgery, electro-physiological recordings, wireless transmission, brain-computer interfaces, and artificial intelligence. 

Neurotech-NL is a public-private partnership that enables the synergistic utilization and sharing of technological, business, and regulatory developments between all the partners in the consortium to fast-track innovations from research into having impact for society in the Netherlands and beyond.


Mission of PPP

NeuroTech-NL uses technology to restore lost functions that accompany neurological disorders, and reduce the burdens on healthcare. Our vision is a world where the deaf can hear, the blind can see, paralyzed people can communicate, individuals with Parkinson's can move, and those with epilepsy can live without seizures.

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