Dutch Innovation center for Lifestyle medicine (NILG)

Lifestyle4Health develops, substantiates and implements (science based) personalised lifestyle interventions for treatment of lifestyle-related diseases.

It is evident that a healthy lifestyle is crucial to maintain health. Therefore, lifestyle interventions are central in preventative care. However, it is less well-known that lifestyle interventions can be effective in the treatment of lifestyle-related diseases, such as type-2 diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Diseases of which symptoms are now mostly managed with medications. Lifestyle interventions have the potential to bring these diseases (partly) into remission. Therefore, they should also become central in curative care.

Lifestyle4Health wants to make personalised lifestyle interventions standard in the treatment of several lifestyle related diseases. This will reduce the disease burden for patients and may even result in disease remission. Also, this will have considerable economic impact drive a system change where people can take control of their own health in their own environment.

By creating an open, national platform for lifestyle medicine, Lifestyle4Health joins forces and connects ongoing and new research initiatives to maximize impact on lifestyle related diseases. From a joint strategic agenda, partners in Lifestyle4Health develop knowledge and innovations in public-private-partnerships, focused on biological mechanisms of disease, sustainable behavior change and personal health data. Projects can be more fundamental as well as applied and include patients as end users or target groups. In addition to research and implementation, Lifestyle4Health focuses on dissemination and education.

Nederlands Innovatiecentrum voor Leefstijlgeneeskunde from Whisky Friday on Vimeo.

Mission of PPP

The mission of Lifestyle4Health is to reduce the impact of lifestyle-related diseases by 50%, through a paradigm shift from tradition sick-care to health-cure where people are able to take control of their own health (and disease) in their own environment.