Oncode Institute

Outsmarting Cancer, Impacting Lives

Oncode aims to crack the code of cancer for a future in which everyone can survive cancer with the best possible quality of life. They unite more than 900 excellent basic cancer researchers in the Netherlands to foster innovations in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. 

Oncode’s unique model is built on three pillars: 

World-class Science
Pioneering basic science is essential for increasing our understanding of the origins, progression, and vulnerabilities of cancer. We invest in high-risk, high-impact, basic research and state-of-the-art technologies, paving new roads toward developing transformative therapeutic strategies. 

The challenges of cancer push us to go beyond the competitive model of science. We are a multi-disciplinary, collaborative community of world-class oncology researchers across the Netherlands. We work together in national and international partnerships with leading scientists, clinicians, and innovative companies, as well as patients, charities and research institutions. 

A dedicated team of experts proactively identifies new inventions and facilitates their development into novel therapeutic and diagnostic approaches. With dedicated funding we invest in translational and clinical research, public-private partnerships and the establishment of new ventures. This accelerates the translation of breakthrough discoveries into tangible benefits which are accessible and affordable for patients and society at large.

Oncode Institute is funded by the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF), together with the Ministries of Economic Affairs & Climate, Education Culture & Science and Health, Welfare & Sport and Health~Holland.

Mission of PPP

To accelerate breakthrough discoveries and speed up their translation into new accessible diagnostics and treatments for cancer patients.

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