Oncode Institute

Outsmarting Cancer, Impacting Lives

Oncode Institute invests in excellent science, collaboration and valorisation to find breakthrough innovations to treat cancer.

Oncode Institute unites 800+ excellent cancer researchers at 12 Dutch universities, academic hospitals and research institutes. We want to drive innovations in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer through collaboration. The ultimate goal is to help patients survive, improve their quality of life and contribute to a more affordable healthcare system. Oncode Institute translates fundamental insights from cancer biology more efficiently into novel diagnostics, new drugs and innovative treatments. 

The three strategic pillars of Oncode to improve patient outcome are excellent Science, intensive collaboration and integrated valorisation. Through excellent science we aim to increase our fundamental understanding of cancer in order to generate transformative therapies and diagnostics. Long-term funding for our investigators is an important tool to reach this. We think that the challenges cancer presents us with require scientists to go beyond the competitive model of science and collaborate intensively. Not only between scientists, but also between scientists and clinicians. To speed up the translation of fundamental findings into patient- and societal impact, we allocate dedicated funding and have a team of experts to integrate valorisation at all levels within Oncode Institute. By taking small steps every day, Oncode Institute is determined to achieve its mission: outsmarting cancer, impacting lives.

Mission of PPP

Oncode Institute wants to drive breakthrough innovations in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Our ultimate goal is to enable patients to survive cancer, improve the quality of life for those affected by cancer and contribute to a more affordable health care system.

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