Global solutions to curb antimicrobial resistance

AMR-Global is an internationally oriented public private collaboration to bring feasible, affordable and necessary solutions to curb AMR to the international market.

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is an urgent global health problem. Drug-resistant microorganisms already account for an estimated 700,000 deaths a year globally, a figure that could rapidly increase to 10 million deaths each year if no action is taken. A comprehensive global strategy towards solving AMR is needed to achieve equitable health, which is one of the main objectives of the knowledge and innovation agenda 2020-2023 as well as the Sustainable Development Goals.

AMR-Global is characterised by an international focus and offers partners opportunities to collaborate on products and interventions that matter for global health. The partnership is driven by expertise from stakeholders from science, policy, industry and society. SMEs working on therapeutics, diagnostics, IT surveillance and water management globally are represented in the partnership, as is the Netherlands Center for One Health. This creates a unique and ideal landscape for interdisciplinary and cross-sectorial innovation.

Together we work on our vision: a world where everybody has access to effective antimicrobial therapy and vaccines. To ensure that effective innovations become available to all those in need, AMR-Global aims to lift barriers to development, evaluation, and implementation of such innovations, with emphasis on innovations that matter for people in low- and middle-income countries.

AMR-Global connects people and facilitates innovation in the field of antimicrobial resistance globally. Organisations that are willing to contribute are invited to get in touch.

Mission of PPP

The AMR-Global partners work together on innovations to improve infection prevention and control, access to improved diagnostics, diagnostic- and antimicrobial stewardship, and access to effective antimicrobial drugs and vaccines, tested in real-world settings globally, while aiming for minimal environmental impact.

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