NeuroControl (part of IMDI)

Tools to improve diagnosis and treatment of motorfunction in people with neurological disorders

NeuroControl aims to maximise self-sustainability and functional independence in people with neurological disorders.

We live in a world in which aging and faster technological innovations catalyse changes in the demand for care. More and more care is needed and definitions of care and health are changing. IMDI NeuroControl is a Centre of Research Excellence focusing on development of innovative tools for diagnosis and treatment of disabilities caused by neurological diseases. NeuroControl was established in 2011 as part of the IMDI initiative, selected by the Netherlands Organization for Health Research and Development as one of the spearheads of Medical Technology research in the Netherlands. IMDI NeuroControl is a close collaboration between the Delft University of Technology, University of Twente, VUmc, VU, Radboudumc, LUMC, Erasmus MC, high-tech entrepreneurs, rehabilitation centres and similar health care facilities and patient organizations. Together, we want to explore the strength and limits of the enormous power, flexibility, and adaptability of the brain. We want to create solutions reduce the amount of care and maximize functioning and self-reliance of patients. The strong clinical focus is on people who have had a stroke but we will roll out new technologies to people with other neurological disorders.

Mission of PPP

NeuroControl creates solutions to improve self-sustainability and functional independence of people with neurological disorders to release care-burden. The main clinical focus is on people who have had a stroke. The aim is to roll out newly developed technologies to people with other neurological disorders. By improving our understanding of (pathological) movement control, we want to develop new treatments.

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