Health Innovation NL (HI-NL)

Creating a highway for new innovations

Accelerating the uptake of fresh and impactful innovations into the care budgeting policies and substitute existing care where needed – the Health Innovation NL approach.

The number of healthcare innovations is growing by the day. These range from high-tech machines to simple medical apps and wearables for selfmanagement or changes in medical care pathways supported by new technology. The introduction, uptake and reimbursement of medicines is highly regulated, but that is not the case for non-medicinal innovations. We need to change the entire approach for evaluating the true impact of all our innovations and services. Health Innovation NL brings together all relevant stakeholders that play a pivotal role in the development, evaluation, use, decision making and reimbursement process at an early stage to help innovators on their road to success. In 2019, important steps were taken. A national roadshow was held by the captains of Health Innovation NL, Carl Moons and Maroeska Rovers. The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, ZiN and Health~Holland are actively supporting Health Innovation NL. By the end of 2019 this important infrastructural highway will be opened.

Mission of PPP

There is a surge in the number of medtech and eHealth innovations. This national initiative aims to create bridges with multidisciplinary responsibility and effort to avoid the numerous valleys of death innovators can experience.