Health Innovation NL (HI-NL)

The whole system in the room for your innovation

Health Innovation Netherlands (HI-NL) is a multidisciplinary infrastructure initiated by several prominent parties in the healthcare field, including The National Health Care Institute, The Netherlands Federation of University Medical Centres, Health~Holland, and The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. Through its activities, HI-NL facilitates an early, targeted, tailor-made dialogue between innovators and all relevant stakeholders in the healthcare system, supporting and directing the development, evaluation, implementation, upscaling and reimbursement of promising and sustainable (health)care innovations for patients and citizens. HI-NL also aims to meet the current social, societal, economical and healthcare challenges such as staffing, affordability and productivity, healthy living & prevention, sustainability, and commercialization of valuable medtech innovations.

 With its comprehensive and fit-for-purpose approach, HI-NL contributes to the further development of promising health(care) innovations and timely adjustment of innovations that are less/not promising.

Mission of PPP

HI-NL stimulates the development, evaluation and implementation of safe, valuable, affordable, sustainable, and cost-effective health innovations.