Solid Start (Kansrijke Start)

Innovative digital care for a healthy start

Health differences and socio-economic inequality during life are already determined by parental health in the period before conception and the subsequent first 1000 days of life. Prevention precisely in this early life course, aimed at a healthy start, offers enormous opportunities for coping with later medical and social problems.

The Strategic PPP Solid Start (Kansrijke Start) offers us the ultimate opportunity to set up a public-private partnership for research, innovation, education and implementation, to stimulate a solid start for our next generations of citizens and to promote self-management of health by (future) parents through digital remote medical and lifestyle care.

To this end, our public-private partnership will 1) design new technologies and optimize existing solutions for digital care around pregnancy and birth; 2) design care pathways and reimbursement models for digital care; 3) test solutions and models in fieldlabs and daily practice; and 4) develop toolkits and training sessions for implement and scale these up at a national level.

This PPP has the unique feature to feed directly into the national action program Solid Start (Kansrijke Start) initiated and led by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. This is a major facilitator for a smoothless transition of PPP results into implementation and upscaling.

Join a Solid Start for all newborns! Contact the PPP Solid Start (Kansrijke Start) – for more information on how to participate and for opportunities for your novel products or services for digital care.

Mission of PPP

Solid Start envisions a healthier and more equitable lifecourse for the next generations of citizens by offering newborns a promising start. The PPP believes that this is the solution to tackle the rising incidence of chronic and lifestyle-related diseases, and break the generational cycle of health disparities and socio-economic inequality.

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