Geneesmiddelensector Innovatiekampioen Europa

Het aantal patentaanvragen voor nieuwe geneesmiddelen groeide in 2020 met meer dan 10%. Dat blijkt uit de Patent Index 2020 van het Europees Patentbureau (EPO) in Rijswijk. Geneesmiddelen zijn daarmee groeikampioen op het gebied van innovatie, aldus EPO.

Call for Registry-based Research

The Dutch Heart Foundation and ZonMw are investing in a sustainable infrastructure that makes registry-based cardiovascular research possible. For this purpose a new consortium, facilitated by the Dutch CardioVascular Alliance, will be formed.
Heart model

The Science of Partnership Management

This year, Lygature celebrates 15 years of facilitating multistakeholder partnerships. Building on 10 years of experience at its inception out of the merger of two leading public-private partnerships, Lygature has grown into a not-for-profit organization that employs over 45 professionals. Read the brochure and find out more!

Boston by the North Sea

The Netherlands has everything it takes to become the medicines hub of Europe. Such a position makes our country more prosperous, resilient and healthier. This ambition requires support from the new government.

Burgers en Onderzoekers als Samenwerkingspartners in Gezondheidsonderzoek

Bent u onderzoekend van aard en geïnteresseerd in gezondheidsonderzoek of verzamelt u zelf al veel onderzoeksdata? Dan is deze kans iets voor u. Start samen met een beroepswetenschapper een onderzoek naar gezondheids- en zorgverbeteringen. Lees meer over de mogelijkheden.
Citizen science

5 Million Euros for Research into Lifestyle Influences on Disruption Biological Clock

This year, researchers at Dutch and Canadian universities will start research into how lifestyle contributes to the recovery of the 24-hour metabolic rhythm in people with a high risk of diabetes type 2.
24-hour rhythm

Just Launched: Year in Preview 2021!

While in 2020 the development of corona vaccines was the major focus, in 2021 we can look forward to finally get out of lockdown and back to ‘normal’. Or, even better, use the pandemic as a tipping point in the transition towards a future-savvy Life Sciences & Health Sector. How? Read it in chapter 1 of our Year in Preview 2021!
YiP 2021

Oproep aan Kabinet: Maak ‘Boston aan de Noordzee’

Nederland heeft alles in huis om dé medicijnhub van Europa te worden. Zo’n positie maakt ons land welvarender, weerbaarder en gezonder. Voor die ambitie is steun van het kabinet nodig. Die oproep staat in Boston aan de Noordzee, van de Vereniging Innovatieve Geneesmiddelen (VIG).

Sirius Medical Announces FDA 510(k) Clearance of Sirius Pintuition for Breast Cancer Surgery

Sirius Medical, a medical device company developing innovative surgical technology, is proud to announce that it has received 510(k) clearance for its Sirius Pintuition System for breast cancer surgery. In addition to its CE-mark, this clearance paves the way for Sirius to launch its Pintuition System in the United States. Sirius Pintuition offers a non-radioactive, wire-free, pinpoint approach to localise non-palpable breast tumors.

Zero Carbon Hospital Challenge

Soroka University Medical Center in Be’er Sheva together with HealthIL, the Healthcare Innovation community and PLANETech, the community for climate change technologies invites you, climate tech companies, to work together, to carry out a funded and mentored pilot, to implement technologies at the largest medical center in the Negev and to promote the field in Israel.