Just Launched: Year in Preview 2021!

While in 2020 the development of corona vaccines was the major focus, in 2021 we can look forward to finally get out of lockdown and back to ‘normal’. Or, even better, use the pandemic as a tipping point in the transition towards a future-savvy Life Sciences & Health Sector. How? Read it in chapter 1 of our Year in Preview 2021!

This new edition of Year in Preview is filled with the most important developments in the Dutch Life Sciences & Health sector and provides a glimpse of what’s on the map for 2021. Furtermore, we also look forward to the years following and achieving our central mission: Five more years in good health for all citizens and a 30% decrease in socioeconomic differences in 2030.

What will this transformation look like? Get inspired by our future images, which show for each of the missions what the Health & Care ecosystem looks like in the future. The images, including the view of citizens, researchers, policy makers and entrepeneurs, can be found in chapter 1.

Hans Schikan, Special Envoy vaccines and Top Team member Top Sector LSH: ‘It is my strong conviction that the key ingredients of our Dutch life sciences & health ecosystem provide for a very solid basis for future growth and success.’

What else?

Furthermore, our Year in Preview provides an overview of the different areas we operate in. You can read about the current Public Private Partnerships and their achievements in chapter 2. Are you a researcher in the LSH sector? Make sure to check out chapter 3 for the different funding opportunities and the thematic calls. For entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to improve healthcare, we have chapter 4, filled with helpful links to lift your innovation to the next level.

Get inspired by our Human Capital Agenda, which is covered in chapter 5, and read about learning communities, the transition agenda for education and much more. In our policy, we include the quadruple helix, in which citizens play a vital role. Read about the importance of local communities and the GROZ movement in chapter 6. For more information on internationalisation and our collaborations with Massachusetts, Flanders and Switzerland, check chapter 7. And last but not least: have a peak at chapter 8 for the upcoming events.

Enjoy our new Year in Preview and feel inspired!

YiP 2021

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