Plans of the Dutch CardioVascular Alliance in 2021

The DCVA has set itself the goal of raising 1 billion euros by 2030 for earlier detection, faster development of solutions, bringing these solutions to the patient and evaluating these solutions. So far, this has been going pretty well: since the start, the partners have jointly mobilised more than €114 million. What is DCVA going to do next year to work towards this goal? Here is a summary of the plans.

Research policy: more collaboration and visibility

  • More intensive involvement of the research consortia in the plans of the DCVA, via a new platform for research leaders;
  • Exploring, initiating and funding substantive collaboration programs;
  • Focus on portfolio management and the fine-tuning of funding processes;
  • More visibility in the cardiovascular field through more lobbying and the appointment of DCVA ambassadors.

Valorisation: working on a strong valorisation ecosystem

  • Implement the Thematic Technology Transfer (TTT) scheme through the scouting of promising initiatives by the Impact Officer within the consortia;
  • Collaboration with TTOs / KTOs to achieve a strong valorisation ecosystem.

Implementation: implementation desk and involvement of new partners

  • Involvement of new DCVA partners to the implementation pillar;
  • Start setting up an implementation desk to support researchers and healthcare professionals;
  • The implementation of Gender and Health projects will receive extra attention;
  • Further development of the Atrium Fibrillation, Chest Pain and Digital Care projects.


  • Better connection between the various talent activities;
  • Increase the visibility of these activities in the cardiovascular field;
  • Start an advisory committee for DCVA talent policy;
  • Lobby for talent funding as part of cardiovascular-related consortia.

Data infrastructure

  • Sustainable reuse of existing data sources;
  • Stimulate registration-based research;
  • Creating a community for cardiovascular patients in which supply and demand for patient care can meet;
  • Availability of human biomaterial in the Hartenbank.

Alliance management

  • Maintain contact with existing partners of the DCVA;
  • Discussions with potential new partners and the external representation of the DCVA;
  • Further develop and streamline internal processes.

Communication and public affairs

  • Investigate how existing communication and public affairs can be set up together in a separate pillar in the coming year;
  • Maintain the quality of good basic communication;
  • Inform partners, consortia and projects of the DCVA of the most up-to-date communication guidelines;
  • A new edition of the NL-HI / DCVA conference;
  • A public affairs plan.

Source: DCVA


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