Special Announcement COVID-19

Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (Health~Holland) intends to invest in the field of COVID-19. If you have a high end public-private research proposal in the field of COVID-19, we are inviting you to send us an e-mail including: 

  1. a short description of the project
  2. a list of (potential) consortium partners
  3. a rough estimate of the budget
  4. the expected start- and end date

Please note that any definite projects must comply with the match call regulations. Important conditions are:

  • The research fits within the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda 2020-2023 of the Top Sector LSH and is of a high quality.
  • The consortium consists of at least one for-profit enterprise and at least one research organisation
  • The project covers fundamental research, industrial research or experimental development, or a combination thereof.
  • The main applicant is located in the Netherlands.
  • The project will be realised at joint cost and risk and all consortium partners will make a substantive contribution to the project.
  • The consortium much use the Health~Holland consortium agreement template (graag link naar standard template toevoegen). It is not allowed to make changes to the template.
  • Co-financing according to the table below is obligatory.

Table 1: Funding per type of research

Type of research Fundamental research Industrial research Experimental development
Maximum % PPP Allowance to de deployed 75% 50% 25%
Research organisation(s) min. 10% min. 10% min. 10%

For-profit enterprise(s)
- large
- SME**

min. 15%
- min. 2/3rd in cash*
- may be fully in kind
min. 30%
- min. 2/3rd in cash*
- may be fully in kind
min. 45%
- min. 2/3rd in cash*
- may be fully in kind

* At least 2/3 of the required minimum contribution of a large enterprise must consist of a cash contribution. This minimum contribution depends on the type of research and is based on their total project contribution.
** May be fully in kind. However, a cash contribution is encouraged.

After receiving your e-mail, we will aim to contact you by cellphone within 2 working days to discuss the possibilities. Please include your cellphone details in your email.

Finally, the email can be sent to: zijlstra@health-holland.com, until the 17th of April 2020, 17:00 AM (CEST).
The deadline has passed. Applications will no longer be considered.

Special Announcement COVID-19

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