BeyondRCT -2: towards co-operative citizen science in food and health


The second international conference BeyondRCT: towards Co-operative Citizen Science in Food and Health, will take place on 25 and 26 September 2018, in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Why attend?

It is an important congress because it addresses the urge of citizens and patients for self-care and their need for personalized support for their situation. This self-care represents an untapped creative potential, that can be of great significance for knowledge development, product development and the empowerment of patients and citizens. Unlocking this potential also has a major impact on research methods, the use of digital resources and the design of matching data infrastructure and governance.

Core themes

The 3 core themes of the congress are: 1) data collection, data management and research by citizens in the health domain 2) new research methodology to extract wisdom from n-of-1 and to upgrade it to collectively applicable knowledge, products and advice 3) organizing a data infrastructure that allows data traffic between different sources, and that functions technically effectively and socially ethically. See for more information the conference website:

For who

Businness and academics with foresight, that wish to anticipate the new data economy and data regulation, and that want to benefit from the benefits of innovative research engagements with patients, either in their role as co-researchers or as customers.


BeyondRCT brings an inspiring mix of keynotes, pitches and work sessions. Think of Prof. Jeroen Geurts (Chairman of the Board ZonMw, Dutch National Funding Agency for Health Research), Bastian Greshake Tzovaras (Open Humans Foundation, USA), Juuso Parkkinen ( / Nightingale Health, Finland), Rogier Koning (, the MyOwnResearch consortium and many others. Chairman of the day is Maarten den Braber (NextHealth).


This conference does more than just putting on the table what is going on. Intended output is a multi-year work plan for Co-operative Citizen Science that helps both patients / citizens, research and industry to move forward. You can not only provide input for this, but you can also be part of it.

Therefore, if you are interested: register now!

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