Roadshow Life Sciences & Health: Colombia


24 - 28 October 2017

The Roadshow with Dutch participants in the fields of Rural Health & Mobile Healthcare Solutions, eHealth & ICT, Smart Innovative Healthcare Products, Health System Strengthening and Research & Education aims to give follow-up to recent Colombian-Dutch initiatives in the healthcare sector (factfinding, outbound mission and incoming visits).

During the visit, the focus will be on strengthening the relationships to facilitate cooperation between both Businesses and Knowledge institutes– and on consolidation of Dutch participation in the many opportunities that the strongly improving and expanding Colombian Healthcare sector has to offer. Amongst others the connection of former conflict (rural) area’s to good health care and the hospital build-, renovation and home care developments in urban areas.

This will be achieved through the exchange of knowledge on above mentioned topics and by connecting Dutch LSH companies and organisations with their Colombian counterparts.

What to expect?
During the program you will get the opportunity to present yourself/your organization during Dutch-Colombian Healthcare Seminars with high-level Colombian invitees, be able to work towards projects or business opportunities during field visits and special meetings and you will  be brought in contact with relevant stakeholders / business partners from Bogotá, Calí, Medellín, and Bucaramanga.

Please contact Suze Kruisheer of the THFC before 22 August 2017 via e-mail of telephone (+31702199006).

Please visit the website for more information.

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