'For vital functioning citizens in a healthy economy.'

Health & Care missions

Top Sector Life Sciences & Health works together with a large public and private coalition to realise five Health & Care missions, consisting of a central mission and four underlying missions. The central mission states: By 2040, all Dutch citizens will live at least five years longer in good health, while the health inequalities between the lowest and highest socioeconomic groups will have decreased by 30%.

Future images

Together with experts from the field, the health and care-coalition created clear and shared pictures of the desired future in 2030, that show what needs to happen to achieve the impact envisioned by the missions.

Toekomstbeelden 2030

Health~Holland Update Magazine

Health~Holland publishes a quarterly online magazine: the Health~Holland update. In addition, we publish a Year in Preview in the beginning of the new year.

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Health~Holland Funding

Health~Holland contributes to various calls  in the Dutch Life Sciences & Health sector, as well as crossover calls with other sectors.  Furthermore, Health~Holland is leading in the execution of the TKI regulations for the LSH field.  Read more about the Health~Holland calls and arrangements here, for example on the PPP Allowance (Match Call).

Startup and SME Support

Top Sector LSH supports the sector by building future Life Sciences business leaders. From interest in entrepreneurship, to innovative ideas, serious business cases and global scaling up: the Life Sciences & Health sector offers educational and coaching programmes for every stage in your career.



Due to the importance of trade, knowledge exchange and foreign investments for the Dutch economy and society, internationalisation is essential for realising the ambitious objectives of the mission-driven top sectors and innovation policy of the Dutch government. The Netherlands has a lot to offer the world and possesses a favourable innovation ecosystem and business climate for foreign companies.