Accelerating Organoid technology through development of next generation culture media

Development and validation of the next generation of Organoid medium (NEGOM 2.0)

Hubrecht Organoid Technology (HUB) and Stem Cell Technologies (STC) will together generate a robust and high quality organoid medium; essential for a broad implementation of HUB Organoid Technology.

Patient-derived Organoids have the potential of predicting drug response in a personalised fashion. Organoid Technology holds the key for many personalised treatments, gene therapy and has the potential to decrease the usage of in vivo testing. To date, academic and commercial research groups use a home-made medium formula when working with Organoid Technology. Organoids require a very rich and complex culture media, which allows for variety in recipes. The different components and reagents can be obtained from different suppliers, resulting in changes in stability and activity. These variations cause differences in results and effectiveness in experiments performed in different research groups. Therefore, it is important to develop a standardised organoid medium recipe.

HUB and SCT will jointly investigate the viability of standardised organoid medium that can be used by different researchers. The consortium will develop organoid medium for several HUB Organoid models. Upon successful development of these organoid media, HUB and SCT will provide a new and improved range of organoid medium, which is standardised and similar in use as the culture media for “regular” cell cultures. Increased reproducibility and robustness of this new medium will result in better disease investigation and speedy drug testing. Moreover, a standardised medium will reduce the research costs for any research groups (academic and commercial).

Hubrecht Organoid Technology and Stem Cell Technologies will co create a next generation culture media that will accelerate the broad implementation of HUB Organoid Technology within the scientific community and industrially.
Technology Readiness Level (TRL)
4 - 7
Time period
30 months