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Electrocardiogram analysis for early detection of cardiovascular diseases in COVID-19

Accelerate and improve quality of non-invasive 12-lead ECG recording and data analysis to support early detection of Cardiovascular disease in COVID-19 patients

The large numbers of COVID-19 patients of which a significant number have additional cardiac problems. Consequently these patients are at high risk. Detecting cardiac disfunction among COVID-19 patients is therefore of great importance for treatment of the patient. The cardiac problems a number of COVID patients develop are tachycardias and atypical T wave morphology changes. With the CineECG technology the waveform changes can be related to the cardiac anatomy and thus be indicative for developing but undetectable cardiac problems.

It was recently shown that the CineECG technology can localise potential cardiac problems to the cardiac anatomy from the standard 12 lead ECG for Brugada patients. In this study test the hypothesis that the CineECG is able to detect the typical waveform changes in the COVID patient group with cardiac problems from just the 12 lead ECG, thereby reducing the clinical burden to rule out cardiac problems in the COVID patients or to trigger COVID-19 patients treatment with cardiac disfunction.

To comply with the urgency of the current COVID-19 situation only retrospective anonymised 12 lead ECG data is used from COVID patients. This data is available through the Capacity-Covid registry which is an initiative of the Dutch Cardiovascular Alliance. The registry is an extension of the registry released by the International Severe Acute Respiratory and Emerging Infection Consortium (ISARIC) and WHO in response to the emerging outbreak of COVID-19. As an algorithm development set 50 COVID will be sued, and  subsequently 50 COVID ECGs will be used to test the algorithm for accuracy and specificity. The aim is to reduce the burden on cardiac testing or detect cardiac problems while patients are in the ICU.