Food supplements to boost brain function – mind your blood vessels

A novel egg-protein hydrolysate Newtricious (NWT)-03 to boost brain function – mind your blood vessels

Age-related chronic diseases including dementia, type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease become more prevalent and of increasing societal concern. Common denominators of these co-morbidities are insulin-resistance and impaired vascular function. Newtricious (NWT)-03 is a novel egg-protein hydrolysate that has proven benefits on insulin-sensitivity and peripheral vascular function, which are risk markers for T2DM and CVD. Insulin-resistance is also associated with cognitive decline, while impaired brain vascular function is a key event preceding the development of impaired cognitive performance. It is already shown that some short-term beneficial effects of NWT-03 on cognitive performance, but underlying mechanisms were not addressed, and long-term effects still remain unknown. Therefore, the hypothesis is that the novel egg-protein hydrolysate NWT-03 beneficially affects brain vascular function and cognitive performance following long-term daily intake.

Within this study, the effect of NWT-03 on cerebral blood flow will be investigated as a marker of brain vascular function. For this, a randomised, placebo-controlled intervention study in forty overweight or obese adults (aged 60-70) with subjective cognitive decline (SCD) will be performed. SCD has emerged as a pre-mild cognitive impairment (pre-MCI) at risk condition of dementia. Participants will receive daily 5.0 g of NWT-03 or a placebo for 36 weeks. Non-invasive MRI methods will be used to investigate brain vascular function, while there will be a focus on NWT-03-induced changes on cognitive performance. Exploratory objectives are to study long-term effects on other potential mechanisms responsible for observed effects on cognitive performance, and other perceivable benefits. This project will advance the understanding of why NWT-03 is beneficial for cognitive impairment and possibly other age-related conditions. Except for its scientific relevance, results will contribute to other important areas such as the reduction of economic and societal costs related to cognitive decline.

This project aims to unravel mechanisms underlying beneficial effects of a novel food supplement on cognitive performance. This may contribute to the prevention of cognitive impairment and ultimately dementia. Focus will be on adults with an emerging pre-mild cognitive impairment condition who will benefit most from evidence-based intervention and prevention strategies.
Technology Readiness Level (TRL)
1 - 5
Time period
30 months
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