Start registration period GES for entrepreneurs

- Ondernemers kunnen zich vanaf vandaag aanmelden om deel te nemen aan The Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) 2019. Er zijn maximaal 200 plaatsen beschikbaar voor Nederlandse ondernemers. GES verbindt ondernemers uit de hele wereld met de meest invloedrijke internationale investeerders en zakenmensen. Het wordt gehouden op 4 en 5 juni 2019 in Den Haag.

ProQR Receives € 4.7 million in Innovation Credit

- ProQR Therapeutics, a company dedicated to changing lives through the creation of transformative RNA medicines for the treatment of severe genetic rare diseases, announced that it was awarded an innovation credit by the Dutch government for the clinical development and efforts to obtain marketing approval.

Make use of TFHC in’s Individual Coaching Programme: Starters International Business (SIB)!

- TFHC proudly presents you the “Starters International Business” (SIB) programme. As an official coaching agency in the SIB-programme TFHC cooperates with and a team of experienced healthcare experts. By setting up a thorough internationalisation approach and strategy, during this individual coaching programme, experienced healthcare experts will deliver support when tackling your specific export quests, challenges, issues!

European Commission invests €16 million in DIH-HERO: faster innovations in robotics for healthcare

- De Europese Commissie investeert €16 miljoen in DIH-HERO (Digital Innovation Hubs in Healthcare Robotics), een Europees project gericht op het versnellen van innovatie en implementatie van robotica-toepassingen voor de gezondheidszorg.

Batavia Biosciences partners with IAVI to advance development of vaccine against lassa fever

- Batavia Biosciences announces that the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) and Batavia Biosciences will work together under a grant to advance the development of a Lassa fever vaccine.

Predictive medicine – mining the matrix of omics and the environment

- Understanding the complex interactions that take place in the body in response to genomics, behavior and the environment has the potential to make predictive medicine a powerful tool for risk assessment and patient profiling. The upcoming Health-RI Conference takes a look.

Public and private organisations invest heavily in innovative metabolic MRI-scanner of the UMC Utrecht

- Philips en Health~Holland investeren samen met acht kennisinstellingen en een spin-off bedrijf voor 49 miljoen in het installeren en implementeren van klinische MRI-scanners die naast anatomie en fysiologie nu ook metabolisme in beeld kunnen brengen.

Health~Holland Update December 2018

- The new Health~Holland Update December 2018 is out now! Read this festive edition of our magazine that bears witness to a snowball effect for the Life Sciences & Health sector and start the Christmas holiday season with inspirational gatherings and collaborations.

Horizon 2020: more than 3 billion for Dutch research and innovation

- Nederland heeft tot nu toe ruim € 3 miljard ontvangen van de € 39,7 miljard die de Europese Commissie in het kader van Horizon 2020 heeft toegekend. Hiermee neemt Nederland de 6e plaats in van EU-lidstaten die de meeste middelen uit Horizon 2020 ontvangen.

LifeSciences@Work celebrated its tenth anniversary with a special publication

- The national accelerator for high potential startups LifeSciences@Work started in 2008, and now in 2018, it proudly celebrates its tenth anniversary. To mark this festive occasion, a special edition of the Health~Holland Update is devoted to the LS@W accelerator programme. Read the new publication here.