Collaboration the Netherlands and Sweden

During the state visit from the Netherlands in October 2022, four declarations of intent were signed between parties from the Netherlands and Sweden in life science. Now almost a year has passed and the parties gathered at the Netherlands' residence in Stockholm on September 12 to describe what happened with the collaborations and sign further declarations of intent. During the following lunch together with Jeanette Edblad from the Swedish government's office for life science and Hans Schikan from Health~Holland, it was discussed on a strategic level how Sweden and the Netherlands could approach each other in the area of life science and health.

The parties to the four letters of intent were 1) Lund University, Skåne University Hospital and Leiden University Medical Center, 2) Uppsala Clinical Research Center and European Cardiovascular Research Institute, 3) CTC and QPS and 4) SCRO and Cardiolysis.

Lund University, Skåne University Hospital en Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum

The collaboration concerns a joint investment in ATMP, cell and gene therapy. The parties have worked together to set up an infrastructure for production which should be ready in Lund Q3 2024 and with NecstGen in Leiden which was ready in 2022. This will ensure a production line from lab to patient. The infrastructure will also be used in clinical research.

In parallel with this, a joint education program will be set up for 30 joint doctoral students and later also programs for post-docs. This will ensure access to competence in the long term and that the joint venture will be internationally leading.

A master's program for ATMP manufacturing is under development with Leiden, as a block of free courses.

Uppsala Clinical Research Center and European Cardiovascular Research Institute

The two parties are research centers with a common interest in clinical trials. During the past year, they have investigated how to use registry data in clinical trials and how to increase collaboration on adjudication of clinical events in studies. In addition, they have submitted joint articles for publication. Going forward, they will work together towards pragmatic clinical trials and design and monitoring of clinical trials.


The two parties are companies in clinical research and during the year they visited each other's facilities and synchronized the activities. The parties have now signed a Master Service Agreement to be able to perform multicenter studies for early phase clinical trials.

SCRO en Cardiolyse

During the past year, the companies in clinical trials have gotten to know each other in order to work closer together. Among other things, they jointly carry out a project where a medical device for closing septal defects in the heart after a stroke of unexplained origin is tested in humans. The companies will deepen the collaboration to deliver high-quality services in cardiology.

Leiden en Lund signing


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