The first edition of the Health Impact Accelerator is a fact

Last month, the first edition of the Health Impact Accelerator (HIA) started. In just ten weeks, the participants are prepared to become social entrepreneurs. During the HIA they are introduced to the added value - and the challenges - of social entrepreneurship. Moreover, they translate their idea into a solid business case.  

Inge Vuijk, Rehab academy: "The HIA enables us to explain our impact to people other than the target group, who have already felt it."  

In the first two-day acceleration days, the enthusiastic teams started working on their proposition and its measurability. In the coming weeks, the teams will receive weekly coaching from a team of highly experienced and motivating coaches. Furthermore, they will meet a team of skilled and motivated experts along with other inspiring social start-ups, who are working with "health" and "quality of life" in an innovative way. During the second two-day acceleration days, the focus will be on financing and market positioning while the teams will interactively test their own fitness!  

Meet the social impact teams  

Four highly motivated teams are now participating in the first edition of the HIA. Learn more about the teams:

Better in, better out - facilitates and optimises prehabilitation - the assessment of the risks of slow and / or incomplete recovery of patients being considered for major surgery, as well as pre-operative  interventions, which promote physical, metabolic and psychological health and reduce complications 

Rehab Academy - facilitates the individual development of people with a physical disability and helps them and their loved ones to get a grip on their new situation. It gives them self-confidence, a perspective for the future, new opportunities, and the tools they need to explore and apply (new) boundaries so that they can participate again. 

SHout - helps young people under 30 to deal with debts, by linking them to the right form of assistance and helping to prevent these debts from escalating.  

Stichting Je Leefstijl Als Medicine – helps reduce the number of Dutch patients with type 2 diabetes, by guiding them through a platform from “patient-to-patient”, and by motivating them to adapt a healthier lifestyle. HIA teaches them to learn from each other and to get their story straight.  

Final event  

The first edition of the HIA concludes with a final event in which the teams present their end result to a group of social investors, a health insurance company and an experienced SME entrepreneur with innovative ideas. Do you want to learn more about social entrepreneurship and do you want to be inspired by these social impact teams? Sign up for the closing event now! 

The first edition of the Health Impact Accelerator is a fact

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