Successful research programme 'Technology for Oncology' continues

Call Technology for Oncology II now open

NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences (AES), the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF) and Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (LSH) are once again joining forces to connect medical science with technological research groups and industry. The collaboration should lead to technical innovations for the prevention, diagnosis and better treatment of cancer, including a better quality of life. After the success of research programme Technology for Oncology, a second call has now been opened. A total of almost 6 million euros is available. Researchers can submit proposals until 9 May 2019.


An important condition for applying for funding within this research programme is the collaboration between researchers from the oncological and technical world with industry. This combination must lead to application-oriented research that has a clear relevance and added value for (future) patients.


Prof. dr. Fred Falkenburg, director of KWF Kankerbestrijding, is pleased with this second Partnership programme: "Thanks to our donors, we can fund research with an impact on our objectives: less cancer, more healing and a better quality of life for patients during and after cancer. Within this call, KWF and AES bring together two vibrant worlds: technicians and oncological researchers work together with industry to realise innovative applications for patients with cancer. We expect that promising new opportunities will arise in the diagnosis, treatment and care within oncology." In 2015 AES and KWF organised a first Partnership programme Technology for Oncology. Eleven innovative research projects received funding for research into, among other things, a device that traces tumor tissue with light to a new treatment of brain tumors in children.


AES and KWF make a total of 2.8 million euros available for Technology for Oncology II. In addition, Top sector LSH has made available a maximum of 3 million euros Public-Private Partnership Allowance to KWF to further fund research in this Partnership programme. A total amount of up to 5.8 million euros is therefore available for scientific research. The deadline for submission of project proposals is 9 May 2019.


Technology for Oncology II is a so-called Partnership programme. The starting point of Partnership programmes is a research question from companies or health funds, for which scientists can submit research proposals to Dutch universities. Both the NWO domain Applied and Engineering Sciences and the Topsector LSH have previously set up various public-private cooperation programmes with health funds, including the Heart Foundation and the Kidney Foundation. During the course of the research, AES also ensures that scientists and involved partners meet regularly to monitor developments and utilisation possibilities.

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