FICHe showcases 40 startups during eHealthWeek in Riga

From May 11 to 13 the FICHe project joined the eHealthWeek event in Riga. Together with the 40 startups and SMEs that are selected for the second phase of the FICHe accelerator program, the FICHe project team is showcasing the results of the first part of the project. Six Dutch startups and SMEs are currently part of the project.

During the event the 40 startups and SMEs were offered exhibition space, a business bootcamp, pitching training, networking opportunities and tailored coaching activities. All of them were present in Riga to showcase their solution and how they are using the FIWARE technology into their products.

Leader of the second phase of the FICHe project Myriam Martin: “It has been great to see that the 40 participants create value from being here and improve themselves and each other. This was a great opportunity to start our FIWARE eHealth community”.

FICHe booth at the eHealthWeek exhibition in Riga

The booth was included in the VIP exhibition tour showcasing the FICHe project and its 40 participants to European Commissioner for Health & Food Safety Vytenis Andriukaitis.

European Commissioner for Health & Food Safety Vytenis Andriukaitis meeting the FICHe team


FICHe project ambassador Paul Pelsmaeker: “eHealthWeek is one of the important European events for eHealth initiatives, including FICHe. It make sense to show here our progress with the acceleration project, including the 40 startups and SMEs that we are supporting. The opportunity to show European Commissioner the project and startups was exciting as well as rewarding, because of the positive feedback he expressed.”

Background Information

FICHe provides companies with the overall funding of EUR 6.24 million for developing eHealth applications and creating sustainable business models. Funding will be distributed through a three-step process. In the first stage, companies will receive 15 000 euro for business model development. In the next phase, 40 out of the 80 companies will receive 50 000 euro for proof-of-concept. The third phase entering 20 out of the 40 companies will receive additionally 152 000 euro for working prototype development. At best, companies are therefore offered up to 217 000 euros funding.

FICHe is co-funded under the European Union’s Programme for research, technological development and demonstration. Project partners are University of Oulu, Business Oulu, TIC BioMed, FFIS de la region de Murcia, TNO,  Amsterdam Economic Board, Stichting zorgInc., Dutch eHealth Fund Management BV and Stichting

FIWARE technology         
FIWARE is an innovative, open cloud-based infrastructure for cost-effective creation and delivery of Future Internet applications and services, at a scale not seen before. FIWARE API specifications are public and royalty-free, driven by the development of an open source reference implementation which accelerates the availability of commercial products and services based on FIWARE technologies. See:

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