Health and care are important themes worldwide. The Netherlands has a lot to offer in this area: in our country, we have managed to realise a high life expectancy, build an accessible healthcare system and limit the number of hospital admission days. Internationally, the Netherlands is a desired discussion partner that tackles problems in an interdisciplinary manner and thinks in terms of total solutions. For example, the Netherlands has an above average score for medical research (e.g. oncology, vaccines), the collection of ‘patient’ data and body materials (cohort studies and biobanks) and the integration of research- education-care (UMCs).

Internationalisation is vital for the Dutch Life Sciences & Health (LSH) sector. A proactive internationalisation policy leads to sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation, an economically attractive sector and improvements in Dutch healthcare. The Top Sector LSH supports the Dutch sector with respect to export, acquisition and collaboration in the area of R&D and innovation. Therefore the Top Sector LSH realised an International Strategy on which the activities are tailored. Read the strategy which explaines the international activity and the LSH focus area’s (United States, China and East Africa).

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