Communication kit

Communication and marketing are the crucial pillars for internationalisation. Please download the available communication tools below to position the Dutch LSH sector on an international level. For questions about the use of the video’s, infographics or other tools, please send an e-mail to

It is important to have a consistent story that can be flexibly adapted for specific discussion partners. Therefore, Top Sector LSH and Invest in Holland jointly developed the new proposition ‘Europe’s Connected Life Sciences & Health Metropolis’.

Positioning Argumentation Guide

Positioning Argumentation Guide

This document will help you tell the story of “Europe's Connected Life Sciences & Health Metropolis”.



The Tube-map serves as a leading graphic, connecting University Medical Centers, Life Sciences Hubs, Technical Universities and more.

Tube-map greater Rotterdam-the hague area

Regional Tube-maps

The regional Tube-maps serve as leading graphics, connecting University Medical Centers, Life Sciences Hubs, Technical Universities and more in the regions of the Netherlands.

Global Interconnectivity Map

Global Interconnectivity Map

Solving global challenges together.

Connect, move and inspire your international discussion partner with the video’s below.

This presentation is made out of pages from the bidbook. It helps to tell the audience why the Netherlands is an attractive place for innovative business and an accessible and interconnected metropolis for sharing knowledge and innovations.


Presentation slides bidbook

The Health~Holland branding is the focal point in the overarching positioning and branding of Top Sector LSH. Internationally the branding is realized in combination with the Dutch (NL I Netherlands) branding. In recent years, this approach has proven itself to be a strong connection factor. Download the Health~Holland logo and PowerPoint template below.


Health~Holland logo

Here you can download different formats of the Health~Holland logo.

Health~Holland Powerpoint Template

Use the Health~Holland Powerpoint template for your international presentations.