Health~Holland: Shared Challenges, Smart Solutions

Worldwide, Dutch healthcare is ranked very high. The average life expectancy in the Netherlands is high, about 81 years. Research suggests that our country has the tallest people and happiest children in the world. Our healthcare system is known throughout the world. It is 150 years old, is high quality and is accessible for everyone. We work hard at making better care available for less money, and are successful in this: stable costs of care with better results each year. Our knowledge of health chains and market needs along with our experience in open public-private partnership is substantial.

The Dutch are used to being among different cultures; we are empathetic to local needs and are familiar with hierarchical structures. All this makes the Dutch Life Sciences and Health sector the ideal partner to consult if you are searching for the solution to complex health issues in countries faced by the same challenges. To inspire them and improve healthcare together.

Health~Holland Portal
The Health~Holland Portal is developed for the Dutch Life Sciences & Health sector. This Portal provides an overview of information sources on Funding, Rules and Regulation, Research and Development, Internationalisation, Human Capital, as well as an overview of Organisations and Contacts in the Dutch Life Sciences & Health sector.  Furthermore, the portal inspires with examples of innovative successes from the Dutch LSH sector. The portal refers both to external Dutch and English links. Looking for organisations and contacts in the Netherlands? Visit the Organisation and Contacts section of the portal.  

Watch the story on the Dutch shared challenges and smart solutions: