LSH Combi Track Kenya Kick-off Meeting


Are you interested in strengthening your business in Kenya? Then the LSH Combi Track Kenya is tailor-made for you. Kenya serves as Eastern Africa’s economic and innovation hub, with a growing healthcare sector focused on achieving universal health coverage. It’s a promising market for medical devices and supplies, and ranks highly in eHealth innovation. Join us, organized by the Netherlands Embassy in Nairobi, RVO, in collaboration with Task Force Health Care, to explore Kenya’s dynamic healthcare landscape!

When: 11 June 2024, 15:00 – 17:00
Where: The Hague
For: Dutch Life Sciences & Health companies

Kenya presents a promising market for medical devices and supplies, emerging as the fastest-growing market in Sub-Saharan Africa. The increasing health consumption and its role as a medical tourism destination for neighboring countries have spurred demand for modernization and enhancement of medical facilities and supplies. In the realm of eHealth, Kenya stands out, ranking second in eHealth innovation in Africa and fifth in eHealth priority ranking in Sub-Saharan Africa. Notably, the government has made significant strides in establishing a robust policy framework to facilitate the implementation of eHealth solutions. Anchored on Vision 2030, the Kenya e-Health Strategy (2016-2030) aims to achieve equitable and affordable healthcare of the highest standard for its citizens.

LSH Combi Track Kenya

The combi track aims to advance Universal Health Coverage in Kenya by enhancing access, quality, financing, and responsiveness in the healthcare system through Dutch-Kenyan collaborations. Focusing on Kisumu County, Homa Bay County, and potentially the Lake Region Economic Bloc, the initiative leverages positive local healthcare relationships and political incentives to engage with the Dutch private sector for healthcare system strengthening. These areas were chosen due to their high healthcare needs. The primary emphasis lies on improving primary healthcare, with a focus on enhancing digital health infrastructure, health data connectivity across all care levels, refining referral systems, and public health management.

The combi track aims to foster collaborations between the Netherlands and Kenya to bolster the Kenyan healthcare system and improve healthcare access for marginalized groups. With strong mutual interest from both Kenyan and Dutch healthcare sectors, along with a history of partnership towards universal health coverage, the focus is on structured collaboration with the private sector to unlock innovation and strengthen healthcare systems. The Netherlands is dedicated to supporting innovative solutions for better healthcare access in Kenya.

What to expect

During this kick-off we will present the upcoming activities of this LSH Combi track Kenya for 2024. In 2023, the objectives of the LSH Combi track Kenya were developed, which resulted in the intervention strategy until 2027. If you want to be the first to hear about all activities within this strategy, then join the kick-off meeting! Collectively, we will tailor the objectives and themes of each activity to align perfectly with your ambitions and goals for the region.


Source: TFHC

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