KSA & Qatar | Life Sciences & Health Trade Mission

KSA & Qatar | Life Sciences & Health Trade Mission

Are you active in digital healthcare? Learn more about the market opportunities for e-health, healthcare infrastructure and health education and training in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Join us on the trade mission to KSA & Qatar this winter and meet new business partners!

What to expect?

This trade mission focuses on exploring opportunities and areas for collaboration between the Netherlands and the KSA and Qatar for Digitisation (e-Health, Vitality and Serious Gaming), Healthcare Infrastructure Development and Health Education and Training .

The programme is still under development but will include the following elements:

  • Site visits in KSA & Qatar to public and private hospitals and other relevant health networks.
  • Networking activities with relevant health stakeholders in digitisation, healthcare infrastructure development and health education and training, including the opportunity to invite your network to participate.
  • Round table discussions on trends and possible collaboration opportunities centred around digitisation, healthcare infrastructure development and health education and training.

Why participate

After this trade mission, you will be able to strengthen your:

  • Knowledge of opportunities for your specific product/service in the KSA and Qatar.
  • Entry strategy/sales & marketing strategy for your specific product/service.
  • Network of key opinion leaders and possible partners in the KSA and Qatar LSH sector.
  • (Further) develop projects and/or sustainable business relationships in the KSA and Qatar.

Why KSA and Qatar?

1. Digitisation (e-Health, Vitality and Serious Gaming)

Due to the rising demand for healthcare in both the KSA and Qatar, the healthcare budget and investment has increased over the past ten years. One of the leading sectors includes digital health, with the government of the KSA allocating $1.5 billion for digital transformation programmes in 2022. Both governments of the KSA and Qatar are setting up national healthcare transformation strategies including the expansion of the provision of e-health services and digital solutions. The population is growing and lifestyle diseases are increasing, which offers opportunities for public-private partnerships between the Netherlands and KSA/Qatar, especially in the field of digital healthcare.

2. Healthcare Infrastructure Development

Both Qatar and the KSA has been investing significantly in healthcare infrastructure development, including the development and furnishing of new hospitals, clinics and specialised healthcare centers and cities. Major projects in Qatar included for instance the Sidra Medicine and the Qatar Rehabilitation Institute. The government of KSA has initiated large-scale projects such as the King Fahd Medical City and the King Abdullah Medical City, which present opportunities for turn-key project developers, medical equipment suppliers, and other related industries.

3. Health Education and Training

Qatar is focused on enhancing its healthcare workforce by investing in medical education and training programs. This includes collaborations with international academic institutions to establish medical schools and research centers. Also in the KSA there is a need for skilled healthcare professionals. The government has been investing in expanding medical education and training programs, including the establishment of new medical colleges and increased funding for healthcare scholarships. This creates opportunities for educational institutions and commercial or (virtual) training providers.

Participation fee

Yet to be determined.Previous trade mission costs around €500 excluding VAT.
Second participants from the same organisation will get a 50% discount.

Pre-register now!

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