The Netherlands | Networking Event Digital Health Transformation

The Netherlands | Networking Event Digital Health Transformation


Join us during this Digital Health Transformation (DHT) event where  general managers of hospital groups in Germany come to share their expertise and to gain insights into Dutch solutions.

About the event

Digital Health Transformation (DHT) will bring a delegation of hospital management professionals to the Netherlands that includes general managers of hospital groups, along with experts in digitalisation, applications, IT, and medical controlling. Their primary objective is to gain insights into Dutch solutions focusing on the following key areas:

  • Interoperability: advanced communication servers, FHIR standards, and other interoperability solutions.
  • Clinical Data Enhancement & Data-Driven Management: innovative approaches such as business intelligence, AI, and data structuring.
  • Patient Flow & Clinical Pathways: clinical process management.
  • Innovative Technologies and Care Models: cross-sector collaboration and integrative care models, etc.
  • New Professional Roles & Clinical Practices: nurse-led clinical, etc.

Round table network event

To facilitate productive interactions, DHT will host a round table network event, in collaboration with ROM Region Utrecht and TFHC. This exclusive gathering will offer a select group of Dutch Life Sciences and Health (LSH) companies the opportunity to engage in focused discussions on the aforementioned topics and network with the visiting delegation. 

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Source: TFHC

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