Presenting Non-Confidential Data in Partnering Discussions

If you are part of an early-stage life science company or an academic team, collaboration with a large corporate partner may be critical to successfully bring your innovative pharmaceutical and digital therapeutic to patients. Such a partnership or collaboration may give you access to research, commercialisation or regulatory expertise, as well as resources and networks which are otherwise hard to tap into.

However, long before signing your partnership, you usually start with a scientific exchange of non-confidential information with the corporate partner. It is essential that you show enough of your data to get the potential partner interested. Part of this information may already be in the public domain through publications or patent applications. However, you should carefully consider what further information to share and what data to keep confidential to retain value for the project. This is a delicate balance that can be difficult to navigate.

To evaluate the potential for a deal, business developers will be looking for a broad range of data. Depending on the stage of your project, they will be looking for data on the unmet medical need, mechanism of action, selectivity, pharmacokinetics, toxicity and more. Some data can and should be shared freely, while for other data a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA) should be put in place. Where do you draw the line?

During this program we will look at a variety of topics:

  • Which data should and should not be included in a non-confidential slide deck?

  • How do potential partners review and evaluate opportunities based on non-confidential data?

  • How might startups and academic groups tailor their data presentation to their audience based on the type of collaboration they are looking for?

  • How can innovators present their data in an appealing way? And how do they make the pitching of this data engaging?

As part of the program, a panel of stakeholders will share their views from a broad range of perspectives.

Please note: During the session we will focus on data presentation in the context of the development of pharmaceutical and digital therapeutics.



14:30 CEST Registration open
In-person attendees only
15:00 CEST Welcome & Introduction to Johnson & Johnson Innovation
Tess Korthout | Early Innovation Partner, Johnson & Johnson Innovation
15:15 CEST Non-Confidential Data Presentation as Part of Your Partnering Approach
Lilian Alcaraz | Senior Director Early Innovation Partnering, Johnson & Johnson Innovation
15:35 CEST Presenting your pitch in a compelling way
Nicole Verbeeck | Founder, Juneau Cayenne - Strategic and Creative Content Agency for Health
15:50 CEST Fireside chat: Know your audience
Kurt Pike | Senior Director External Innovation, Janssen R&D
Lilian Alcaraz | Senior Director Early Innovation Partnering, Johnson & Johnson Innovation
16:00 CEST Break
16:10 CEST Panel Discussion

Mariëtte van der Velden | Managing Partner, Curie Capital
Nesrin Tüysüz | Business Developer, Luris
Kurt Pike | Senior Director External Innovation, Janssen R&D
Robert Grundy | CEO, IntellomX*
16:45 CEST Audience Q&A
17:00 CEST | Extended informal Q&A

in-person attendees only
18:00 CEST | Close
*) Final confirmation pending


Source: Johnson and Johnson





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