Canada | Life Sciences & Health Trade Mission


Interested in expanding to Toronto, Canada? Join our trade mission and explore Canada’s thriving healthcare and technology industries, government initiatives and business-friendly climate.

What to expect?

The trade mission focuses on exploring opportunities and areas for future collaboration between Canada and the Netherlands in the areas of Healthy Ageing and Digital Health. The site visits will have a care-centred focus (rather than cure).

  • Site visits in and around Toronto, e.g. to elderly care organisations, ambulatory care stakeholders, and knowledge and research institutions with a healthy ageing & digital health focus.
  • Round table discussions on trends and possible collaboration opportunities centred around Healthy Ageing & Digital Health.
  • Networking events with leaders in innovation in Healthy Ageing & Digital Health, including the opportunity to invite your Canadian network to participate in these events.

Key take-aways

After this trade mission, you will have strengthened your:

  • Knowledge of opportunities for your specific product/service in Canada.
  • Entry strategy as well as your sales & marketing strategy for your specific product/service.
  • Network of key opinion leaders and buyers in the Canadian LSH sector.
  • Approach to develop projects and/or sustainable business relationships in Canada.

Why Canada?

Canada, and Toronto specifically, offer several advantages for Dutch companies in the areas of elderly care and digital health. Canada has a well-developed healthcare system, a rapidly ageing population, and a strong focus on innovation, making it the ideal market for companies in these sectors. Toronto is also home to a thriving technology ecosystem, with a range of research institutions, startups, and accelerators focused on digital health. Furthermore, the Canadian government offers several funding and support programs for companies in the Life Sciences & Health (LSH) sector, making it easier for Dutch companies to establish a presence and grow their business in the Canadian market.

Healthy Ageing

Canada has a publicly funded healthcare system that provides universal access to medically necessary hospital and physician services, including long-term care for seniors. Additionally, the Canadian government has recently committed to investing in improving long-term care services, which presents opportunities for companies active in the Healthy Ageing sector. Canada also has a well-developed home care sector, which offers a range of services to support seniors living independently in their own homes. Finally, the Canadian healthcare system has a strong focus on patient-centred care and a commitment to innovation, creating opportunities for companies in the digital health sector to develop and implement new technologies to support elderly care.

Digital Health

Canada has a well-developed regulatory framework for digital health products and services, with Health Canada serving as the regulatory authority. Additionally, the Canadian government has committed to investing in digital health innovation and has launched several initiatives, such as the Digital Technology Supercluster and the Canadian Digital Health and Wellness Innovation Network, to support the growth of the sector. Canada also has a strong focus on patient-centred care and has implemented initiatives to support the use of digital health technologies to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. Finally, the Canadian healthcare system has a robust health data infrastructure, which provides opportunities for companies in the digital health sector to develop innovative solutions that leverage health data to improve patient outcomes.

Participation fee

Yet to be determined.

Previous trade missions ranged from €500 to €1.500

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