World of Health Care

Around the world of healthcare in one day!

The World of Health Care (WoHC) event is returning at the end of September, and it remains the signature event for the Dutch life sciences & health sector with global aspirations. Once again, the Dutch government, the Dutch diplomatic network, and Task Force Health Care are collaborating to position, promote and connect the Dutch life sciences & health sector internationally. As an active participant in the LSH sector on a global level, you can look forward to connecting with fellow professionals, sharing knowledge, gaining new insights, and presenting healthcare challenges & solutions at the event scheduled for September 27th, 2023.

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Our World of Health Care event invites the:

  • Dutch Life Sciences & Health sector
  • Foreign Decision-makers in Healthcare**Health~Holland Visitors Programme | Each year +25 countries form a delegation of multiple high-level representatives from the private sector, NGOs, knowledge institutions, healthcare providers and different tiers of government in order to visit and share knowledge with Dutch health stakeholders (communication about this 3-day programme to its participants will be done by e-mail).

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