Save money and time, learn searching in patent publications about Life Sciences & Health and Biotech

You may be put off if we invited you to sift through more than 140 million patent publications. But we have your attention when we tell you that patent publications save you time and money in your innovation process. With this workshop, you'll take the first steps to test the novelty of your idea or risk infringing on someone else's patents. But you'll learn even more.

Patent databases are a source of inspiration; you can get all kinds of things from them to complete your business plan; competitor information, strategic collaboration partners, and country information. The workshop is designed for Life Sciences & Health entrepreneurs and the biotech sector. Therefore, practical examples from these sectors are the focus of this workshop. You will learn from the experts and from others by doing classroom and individual assignments. 

After this workshop, you will know the following:
- Recognize different situations and questions that patent databases can help you with.
- How to build an efficient search strategy for your field.
- Use tools specific to chemistry and biotechnology.
- Find out the status of a patent and why this is important.


Wednesday 10 May 2023 14:15 - 17:30 CEST

  • 14:15 Walk-in with coffee and tea
  • 14:30 Part 1 workshop 
  • 15:30 Break
  • 15:45 Part 2 workshop
  • 16:45 Drinks and snack.


For this workshop some basic knowledge is required, we assume that at the start you have an understanding of:

  • the most important IP rights, as mentioned in the brochure 'The basics of intellectual property (in Dutch: De basis van Intellectueel Eigendom)'.
  • at what times information from IP databases can improve your innovation process.


  • You will be contacted in advance to prepare an assignment. 
  • You will need a laptop during the workshop.

Biopartner 1 (auditorium)
J.H. Oortweg 21
2333 CH Leiden

Free of charge

Netherlands Patent Office

Source: RVO

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