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NWO life

Get ready for the fifth edition of NWO Life 

NWO Life is an annual scientific conference covering all disciplines in the Dutch Life Sciences at all scales. It is meant to connect researchers, to explore and push boundaries, to discuss new or desirable developments in the field, to get inspired by each other’s research and approaches and to start new interdisciplinary collaborations.

Expect world-leading invited speakers, inspiring parallel sessions, poster presentations for our promising scientific talents, and a broad scope of workshops. For members of the five research communities within the life sciences, NWO Life2024 is the hub to physically meet, connect and discuss major topics addressing the further development of the field.

Keynote speakers

Vera Meyer (Technische Universität Berlin)

Tracy is a neuroscientist and molecular biologist. Her research is centred on the role of parental, prenatal, and early life stress on the developing brain and subsequent behaviour throughout the lifespan. We are looking forward to find out more about her work, which includes assessing sex-specificity, developmental timing, and epigenetic mechanisms involved in programming of the brain, reproductive tract, placenta, and sperm. 

Ali Erturk (Helmholtz München)

Professor Erturk is director of the Institute for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (iTERM) of Helmholtz München. His lab accelerates biomedical research by developing and combining enabling technologies. By combining biomedical research with artificial intelligence (AI), and nanotechnology, and also use engineering to develop tools to implement their technologies directly in the medical system, they aim to solve some of the major bottlenecks in research. An unbiased approach, from imaging to molecular analysis (transcriptomics and proteomics), will be very powerful for tackling major diseases. His stunning imaging inspire both science and art.

Now that we know more about our keynote speakers, we can elaborate a bit more on this years’ theme ‘The Art of Life’.

The Art of Life

For this anniversary edition, art will be an unexpected common ground that connects all scale levels within the Life Sciences. We are covering topics that vary from the molecular level, to cells, individual organisms, ecosystems and beyond. NWO Life will be the place where life scientists of all levels converge in creativity, and get inspired under the overarching theme: ‘The Art of Life’.

Abstracts & Registration

Registration for the conference opens in January. During registration you have the option to submit an abstract and to sign up for a workshop. More information can be found on our website when registration opens. If you look forward to submitting an abstract, please take note of the following:

  • You have to register and submit an abstract at the same time.
  • Deadline for oral abstracts: 19 March
  • Deadline for poster abstracts: 16 April 
  • Deadline for registration: 30 April

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