Health~Holland Visitors Programme


The Netherlands invites decision-makers in healthcare and well-being from around the globe to increase their knowledge of the worldwide renowned Dutch health system and related solutions and join a vibrant international dialogue on shared health challenges and smart solutions!

The Health~Holland Visitors Programme is a 3-day digital & physical programme for decision-makers in international, national, regional and local healthcare. It aims to increase your knowledge of the worldwide renowned Dutch Health system and related smart solutions which increase quality, affordability and accessibility. The programme enables you to meet fellow professionals who share the same passion and face similar challenges in healthcare. Join the programme and compare policies and procedures, structures, solutions and opportunities for partnerships to foster improvement.

About The Netherlands

The Netherlands is home to a vibrant, concentrated Life Science & Health cluster of more than 3.000 healthcare companies and research organisations, all within a 200-kilometre radius. The Netherlands is considered to be the most concentrated region in the world when it comes to creating economic and social value for healthcare. It all started in the 16th and 17th centuries when the Dutch invented the microscope and pioneered microbiology. Nowadays, the Netherlands faces challenges, but through innovation, it is able to deal with increasing health care costs.

Quick Guide to Dutch Healthcare…

Most countries in Europe and elsewhere have the same objectives when it comes to their healthcare systems: the care provided must be of high quality, available to all, and affordable in the long term. Yet there are also major differences in the organization of the healthcare systems through which countries attempt to achieve these objectives.

This ranges from nationalised healthcare systems (paid for through income tax payments; also known as the ‘Beveridge Model’) and social insurance systems (paid jointly by employers and employees through payroll deduction; also known as the ‘Bismarck Model’) to systems based on ‘regulated’ or ‘managed’ competition (known as the ‘Enthoven Model’). How is the Dutch healthcare system organized? What makes the Dutch healthcare system unique? This is a question asked by people from other countries about the Dutch system, along with people who temporarily move to the Netherlands for work, researchers studying the Dutch system, and policymakers looking for inspiration from this system. This Quick Guide to Dutch Healthcare – in which we use ten visuals to outline how the Dutch system works – is intended for this audience… read here.

Source: WOHC

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